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You already are a member of an amazing ministry, your local church. 

Joining our community of praying women doesn't require you to become a member of our ministry , we are all the body of Christ working together to expand kingdom purpose.


I invite you to join a community of women who are not ashamed to fast on one accord, pray boldly and worship in spirit and in truth; well equipped to teach others and be a witness in a world that so desperately need change.

Why I created this page?

I created this community for women as a safe place to come together corporately to pray and intercede in spiritual warfare


Because prayer changes things. When a woman prays, she literally fortifies the armor of God around herself, her family, and anyone else she prays for. This is important because the enemy is around every corner looking for a way in.


It is the praying woman who makes a difference in the lives of others. She encourages, enlightens, and edifies. Her life is evidence of Christ's realness, His closeness, His desire to know us intimately.


As we grow and learn together, I will encourage you to study God's word at least 30 minutes to an hour before you start your day


Develop  intimacy with God by a disciplined daily prayer life


Tell others about your salvation, about Jesus and His goodness


Living a holy Life style in righteousness 

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Join us for the first corporate 3 day  fast of the year!!!


This will occur monthly


We have women from around the world who join us in one accord every month to seek God's face in prayer and fasting 


Below are the details 



Sunday January 1st 2023

Monday January 2nd 2023

Tuesday January 3rd 2023


Fasting times: 

We are abstaining from food from 6 am - 6 pm (water only) day 1, 2 & 3 (follow your time zone )

Corporate prayer at 5 pm EST / 4 pm CST


Call in detail (free conference call) 

Phone number 6054725441

Access code 932730

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