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To comfort, heal, empower, and bring restoration to the hopeless through the love of God


To be a voice for the voiceless, for people to understand the depth of God's love in any situation and rise to be all that God has created them to be

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Onyeje Ijaola is a, wife, mother, speaker, philanthropist, author, family nurse practitioner and a certified International Maxwell leadership coach. Her passion for the message of restoration is an on-time word bringing healing and hope to the broken. She is committed to making a change in her world by sharing the comfort God comforted her in her darkest seasons.

Empowering and equipping women who need healing from tragedy. I help guide them through the process in creating a safe place at restoration wing. Here I provide retreats, and coaching to empower them rise and take their life to a new level so they can become all they were created to be.

God’s love can bring you out of grief, shame, and rejection to a fulfilled future.


Married to Olusegun Ijaola, with whom she has three children, Onyeje Ijaola hails from High Point, North Carolina. She loves to meet with people and make new friends, cook, bake, sew, dance, and go shopping. Aside from the hobbies, this author is a volunteer of her church’s women's ministry. Who would have thought that she’d find passion and joy in writing when her educational background is quite far from being a writer? She finished her Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BSA), earned the Associate Degree in Nursing or ADN, took and completed the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), and became a Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN).

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